Public Relations Services

Analyst Relations

A research analyst can make or break a company’s reputation. The work of analysts affects decisions that investors, journalists, regulators and consumers make every day. Companies must build and maintain relationships with this key influencer group to enhance their reputations and meet their revenue goals.

JCPR has developed analyst relations programs to provide our clients with the opportunity to influence and respond to analyst research and commentary. Our proactive outreach puts our clients at the center of industry discussions and trends, solidifying their reputation as thought leaders and promoting their unique outlook on the marketplace.

Digital Relations

Have you Googled your company lately? Information about your company is just a few mouse clicks away. Are the search results returned reflective of who you are and what you do? Are you sending the right messages to the right people?

JCPR understands the transformative power of sharing information online, because a sound digital strategy is a key element of every PR campaign. We engage with online news sites just as we do traditional media outlets. We proactively monitor all online channels (including news sites, blogs, company-owned media, and digital networks) to make sure you’re sending the right messages, at the right time, to the right people. We want to share your company’s successes, protect and enhance your corporate reputation, and increase your brand’s visibility and value. 

We are also skilled at developing and implementing effective strategies for increasing search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that the news you want investors, journalists and potential and existing clients to see is always front and center.

Executive Thought Leadership

Leadership is more than just having a vision and knowing how to articulate it. Leadership is about engaging your key influencers with relevant and compelling stories.

Strong executive thought leadership is earned, not guaranteed. JCPR works closely with our clients to develop their message, demonstrating the deep knowledge, forward-thinking strategies and unique outlook necessary for them to emerge as influential thought leaders. We promote this cutting-edge idea through strategic, consistent and proactive use of media opportunities, public speaking engagements, book development, digital relations and more.

Here at JCPR, we deliver strong positioning, help executives communicate their outlook and always capitalize on new opportunities to positively impact their brand and reputation.

Media Strategies

Today’s media relations campaigns must be built around clients’ core business objectives, designed to include all relevant media channels and support the ever-evolving media landscape. Media has evolved to include traditional print and broadcast, digital, social and company-owned media. An increasingly complex and rapidly changing news environment challenges companies to deliver their corporate messages effectively and efficiently every time. Media strategy based on solid and ongoing research is central to every client engagement.

At JCPR, we are on the front line when it comes to working in the new media environment. We help our clients navigate through the changing media landscape to ensure that their messages resonate and that we support their business and reputational goals through artful execution of media relations campaigns.

One element of working with the media that we are certain will never change is the importance of relationships. Relationships built on trust and mutual respect are more important than ever. Our teams of media strategists, many of whom are former producers and journalists, have deep personal relationships that have been built over years and years of collaboration. And it doesn’t stop there; new relationships are being built and nurtured every day.

Message Development and Positioning

JCPR provides clients with well-crafted and distinctive messaging and positioning statements that communicate their brand’s essence and uniqueness. We use these messages in a variety of ways – as internal guides, as formal positioning statements, or directed at a client’s target audience – to help drive sales and branding efforts and ensure that your story gets told the same way, no matter who is telling it.

Reputation Management

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, companies need a strong offense and a coordinated defense. With social media status updates and tweets happening at breakneck speed, brands can literally unravel in mere hours, due to events that in the past would have largely gone unnoticed. 

Managing corporate reputation is a key element of every PR campaign that we incorporate into every facet of our comprehensive strategy. Our thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and the markets in which they operate lets us proactively position them in the best light possible. We help build and reinforce strong, resilient brands by ensuring our clients’ messaging and positioning are synced with a positive reputation management campaign.

Writing and Editorial Services

Good writing creates a lasting impression. Great writing can elevate a brand to its highest potential, driving sales and increasing brand value. Our writing team is staffed with professional writers, including published authors and seasoned journalists, who have an eye and ear for news. We believe brilliant copy is essential to successful communications campaigns. We pride ourselves on providing clear, accurate and concise content that positions companies for success and supports every facet of their overall campaign.