JCPR Celebrates 10 Years

In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we created a pair of new 30-second videos demonstrating the pitfalls many brands face when the right message is presented to the wrong audience. Both videos were produced through our video production company, Jennifer Connelly Interactive Productions (JCIP), and can be viewed on JCIP’s new website or our YouTube Channel.



And The Winner Is!

blog-posts.pngThe votes have been cast and the results are in. The blog you voted as your favorite is…

Six Social Media Lessons from Samuel L. Jackson!

Samuel L. Jackson would be proud. Thank you to all who voted! We will do more fun surveys/polls throughout the year. Here is the complete list of our top ten blog posts as ranked by our readers:

1.      Six Social Media Lessons from Samuel L. Jackson

2.      Six Reasons Why a 23-Year-Old SHOULD Run Your Social Media

3.      Defining PR -- It's Not That Complicated

4.      Crisis Planning: It's Not a Matter of If, But When

5.      This is Just A Great Video

6.      Think Performance, Act with Integration

7.      You Can’t Blame PR for Everything

8.      The Impending Creativity Chasm and the Death Knell for Ordinary PR

9.      Writing Tips for Thought Leadership: How to Effectively Use Your Words and Change Your World

10.    It’s Time for Aunt Millie to Get Her Day